Written by DillyDally. This is general, for other guides, look in the Guides category ([1]). This is a 1st-time player's guide to Gangster Mind.


Focus. What do you want to do in the game? Make friends, have a successful cartel, make cash, be famous? Hit people?

The possibilities are few, but if you focus, you can make it.

Guide part 1-IntroductionEdit

There are a few things you need to do, first off don't attack anyone for a while. You have 24 hour protection when you join but if you attack someone you're dead.

Next thing is to buy some guns. You start with 10,000 "Goons" and $250 million on hand. Most people buy 50,000 AK47's as soon as they enter the game - especially in your second and later "rounds" when you will NOT have protection. Next use the turns you have to scout for goons. As a beginner just get bodyguards and thugs in the "Training Rooms". Experiment with the number of turns you use to scout - some numbers give better results.

You also have 1,000 reserve transfer turns - you can transfer these right away and get more goons or save them for later in the game.

As a new player it is probably a good idea to try and join a cartel where other players will help you learn the ropes and you will have some protection from your fellow cartel members.

You may want to pick a city with less people. Also, read the Official Game guide Part 1 for additional tips.


The thing about the game is not to hit other people, then they won't be able to hit you back (revenge), particularly if they have a Hitman/family type Cartel, or aggressive Cartel. If you want to join/are in an aggressive Cartel, stock up on Hitmen, Thugs and Bodyguards. Play daily, and if someone hits you, you can ask your Cartel for help on the cartel board, or ask your friends by messaging them.


If you're trying to make money, consider your options, selling things, stealing, prostitution, etc are good ways, but if you have 10, 000 prostitutes, and 5, 000 card dealers, use the prostitutes.