Multiple AccountsEdit

Only one account per person is permitted. Account sharing counts as multiple accounts and is therefore forbidden. Account trading is prohibited. If you decide to quit the game, just contact the admin to disable your account; don't try to trade your account. Multiple accounts result in an immediate ban of all involved accounts. Only one account should be used per computer to ensure compliance with this rule. We have no tolerance for cheating.


Spamming is simply the sending of irrelevant messages in the game. We are really strict about spammers: do not post any link to other games. Anyone found spamming; sending or posting any kind of messages that harm the game will be immediately banned.

  • However, the Wiki is an extremely relevant site, so feel free to link it!


Harassment and racismEdit

Racism includes posts that attack others based on their race, religion or nationality. Public harassment of fellow players will result in an immediate ban.

Player and cartel profilesEdit

These include names, descriptions and pictures of players and cartels. They should not contain any unsuitable material such as obscene, racist, abusive, threatening, or pornographic content. The cartel boss is fully responsible for all information found in the cartel profile page.

Automated ScriptsEdit

The use of any automated scripts that access the game for any reason(including plugins and autorefresh/load) is strictly forbidden.

Open/Anonymous proxiesEdit

The use of open proxies to access the game is strictly forbidden.


Any bugs/errors found should be reported immediately to the admin. Exploiting them and taking an unfair advantage will result in an immediate ban.


Two warnings of any kind automatically results in a ban. However, warnings do not have to be given prior to a ban.

Some obvious rules were not mentioned here. We will not accept the excuse "It was not in the game rules", you should use common sense before taking any action. [1]