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  • Poster: EG: The Gangster Mind Management
  • Content: Dear Gangsters, The game was started/updated ....

  • Posted on 8-16-2008
  • Poster: The Gangster Mind Team
  • Round 63: capped round with $1,000 cash prize

Posted on 8-16-2008

Dear members,

Next round will be a capped round: the maximum number of extra turns one can use will be 80,000 turns. We'll see who can come out on top with a limited amount of resources!

Best Regards, The Gangster Mind Team

  • Date: 6-17-2008
  • Poster: The Gangster Mind Management
  • Content:

Round 57: Top killers contest Posted on 6-17-2008

Dear gangsters,

We're glad to announce that there will be a top killers contest for round 57. Gangsters are ranked according the total number of goons killed in the attacks they have perpetrated throughout the round. You will be able to check the rankings by clicking on Top Killers link under the Rankings menu. First top killer at the end of the round will be rewarded 50000 turns, second top killer will receive 25000 turns, while the third will get 10000 turns.

There will also be a minor change with the way you can trade weapons. You'll only be able to exchange your weapons in the black market with more expensive ones. For example, HK P7s can be traded for shotguns, uzis, or AK-47s. Uzis can only be traded for AK-47s.

Best Regards, The Gangster Mind Management