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Everything, Anything. We have several Goals; these are fairly medium-term, and accomplishing them will attract more people to the Wiki.

  • To be featured, this means:
    • To have more than 1 active user, this means editing daily, and there are plenty of pages to make (we need at least 10).
    • Fill in stubs (short pages)
    • Make all the Wanted pages.
  • To be put on the spotlight.
    • 100 content pages. Not user. Cartel, I believe, counts, though, but mainspace pages.
    • Mainpage has at least one picture.
    • Every content page should be in a category. Every-time you make a page, categorize it. If you see a page that could easily be categorized, do so.
  • Number 1 on Google.
    • We need content. Simple, lots of pages, and lots on them.
    • Link here, please.
    • Use key phrases and words often, "hacking" is discouraged.
    • 100 pages, no stubs.
    • We'll, at one point, create pages for other websites.


What's new on Gangster Mind Wiki

  • I, DillyDally created this Wiki in an attempt to have really in-depth information on the game, Gangster's Mind (here), if you need help, or want to contact me, drop me a line. If you want to become an Administrator, or really want to help, you will be easily promoted., see you later; DillyDally 06:46, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

Helping out & information

If you need help, please go here, or, drop me, or the Janitors 1, 2 a line.

That if you're going to make a page about yourself, or any other user, make it with a User: name space. for example, if I was making a user page, it'd be User:DillyDally, not DillyDally.

Make a page about your Cartel! Make it in the Cartel: namespace, for example, instead of "The Random Ghosts" for the page name, it'd be "Cartel:The Random Ghosts".

Get a link to your blog/forum, see Community Sites, please also link back so we both get an increased Google ranking.

Featured article

Enter the World of GangsterMind, where you are the leader of an organized crime gang. Raise cash from casinos, prostitutes, loan sharks and gambling dens. Turn out narcotics, booze and counterfeit currency. Bribes and felonies are part of your repertoire as you wage war against other gangsters for control of the underworld..... Read more

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Avatargang This cool image was made Googled by DillyDally, the first image uploaded to the Wiki.

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