Cartels are groups of people who share the same goals, the same ideas or just trust each other. Joining a cartel provides protection and inspires trust and respect between you and other members. Trust and respect can save your life, but can also get you killed. You can form your own cartel and lead other Gangstas.

The Boss heads the cartel and the counselor is his second in command. Next comes the underboss, the core members and finally the wannabes. As the Boss' right hand man, the counselor has much of the same aptitudes as the Boss. The underboss is subordinate to the counselor. Underbosses are often prepared to take the Boss' place if need be. A core member plays the role of an auxiliary, leading his own action and funneling a portion of his take to the head of the cartel. The core members may make key decisions and set the standards of the group. Occupying the lowest rung of the cartel, the wannabe is, in actuality, the child of gang life. The wannabes are, more often than not, younger, aspiring, potential gang members.

Creating a CartelEdit

You wanna be the boss of your own cartel? To create a cartel, click on 'Start cartel' under the Cartel submenu. Then choose a name and click on the 'create cartel' button. Note: If you are already in a cartel, you have to leave it before creating a new one.

Managing a CartelEdit

If you are the boss or counselor of a cartel you can invite other players to join your cartel, assign them a rank, and dismiss players you don't like. The boss can also disband the cartel or make another player become the boss instead of him. To invite players to your cartel, just go on their profile and click on 'Invite to cartel'. They become members of your cartel if they accept the invitation. Note: a cartel can not have more than 15 members.

Joining a CartelEdit

To join a cartel you must receive an Invitation. You can ask for a cartel invite by posting on the Recruiting Board or ask cartel leaders directly.

Cartel BankEdit

You can transfer cash to your cartel by clicking on 'Transfer cash'. For the boss, the link is called 'cartel bank'. The boss can also see all the cartel bank transactions. Note: you can not transfer cash to your cartel bank more than 3 times a day. The money deposited in the cartel bank can not be withdrawn.

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Want to advertise your Cartel?Edit

Then make a page for it! First, we've got to make a Cartel page, then Cartels page, as a list, then, make your own page on your Cartel, by making it Cartels/Yourcartelhere.


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